Liz Borod Wright’s Social Media Consulting Services

Sree Sreenivasan recommends Liz Borod Wright as a social media consultant and teacherI attribute nearly all of the success that I’ve had with to social media. I’ve never paid for a dime of advertising — I’ve utilized Twitter (over 29,400 followers), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and StumbleUpon to publicize my site and drive traffic. If you’re looking to outsource your company’s social media efforts, I can devise a multi-platform strategy and be the voice behind it. Or I can teach you how to do all this yourself!

I love showing others how they can achieve their professional and personal goals by making the most of online networks and hubs that most people are using just for fun. Since October 2010, I’ve been lucky enough to be an adjunct faculty member for the Social Media at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism (my alma mater), taught by Sree Sreenivasan, one of the world’s foremost social media experts.

I’ve worked as a social media consultant for companies as well,  including the Austria Tourist Office, Perrier-Jouet, Committee of 100 and s[edition].

I am based in New York City, and if you are, too, I can work with you or your company in person. But with today’s technology, I am able to work with you no matter where in the world you are located.  Even if you need intensive one-on-one tutoring on how to use specific social media tools, we can communicate remotely through screen-sharing (which is especially easy if you have a Mac).

No online presence at all yet? No problem. There’s never been a better time to get on the web. We can start completely from scratch, as I can also advise on blogging and websites in general. I’ve been a writer/editor at,, and, so I can fulfill your content development needs in just about any area. You can also see my most recent published clips here.

Please contact me at regarding my social media consulting and editorial services, or simply fill out the form below! I look forward to working with you!