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Deadline Is Approaching for the Best Job in the World

Last month I reported on “The Best Job in the World” contest. Australia’s Tourism Queensland is looking for an “Island Caretaker” to live on Hamilton Island in a three-bedroom house with a plunge pool for six months for approx $100,00 (AUD $150,000). The Caretaker’s main responsibility is to report back on the adventures of living […]

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A (Very) Quick Trip to Rio

Here's a quick and easy way to visit Rio de Janeiro: watch Ivan's four-minute video. Ivan takes you to dine at an authentic restaurant behind the fish market, on a harrowing motorcycle-taxi ride through the neighborhood of Rocinha and all the way up the mountain to the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.

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SNL Gives Great Travel Advice, Just Kidding

Weekend Update Travel Correspondent Judy Grimes appeared on yesterday’s Saturday Night Live. She was supposed to discuss the decline of high-end travel in these troubled economic times, but her nerves got the best of her. Although she did she manage to make some valid points… just kidding! The video clip is after the jump.

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