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empire state building red and white

Video: Happy Canada Day 2012!

Canada Day may not be the most popular holiday in New York City, but some prominent Canadians are looking to change that — or at the very least make sure that New Yorkers understand why the Empire State Building will be lit up in red and white for three nights. Last Tuesday, the Consulate General […]

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liechtenstein border sign

A New Travel Record: 17 Countries in 24 Hours

I consider my personal travel style to be “rushed” at best. It’s rare that I spend more than three or four days at a destination. I never seem to have enough time to see all that I want to and my mantra is “I guess I’ll have just have to see that [museum, site, neighborhood, […]

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ayres rock

Best Travel Time Lapse Videos of Australia

The problem: Australia is massive and there’s much to see that the average traveler can barely make it past a few highlights. The solution: Watch time lapse videos of Australia so you can cover hundreds of miles in just a few minutes. I’m joking, of course, but time lapse videos are my new obsession. These […]

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Parliament House Australia

Canberra, Australia: The Musical Version

When my friend Felicity Loughrey told me that she was moving to Canberra, she emailed me a link to a video that, well, basically pokes fun at Australia’s capital city. But at least it does so musically! But hey, you gotta love a place that has a sense of humor about itself. And the lyrics […]

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