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The final four courses of our Il Lago tasting menu at the Four Seasons Geneva. From top left: lobster risotto, cheese tortelli, sea bass and roasted pineapple with ice cream and crumble.

Italian Indulgence: Tasting Menu at Il Lago at The Four Seasons Geneva

A delicious six-course Italian tasting menu overlooking Lake Geneva? Yes please! Not only did we have an unforgettable stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva, but we also had an unforgettable meal at Il Lago, the hotel’s signature Italian restaurant. Switzerland borders Italy, and 6.5% of Switzerland speaks Italian (typically Swiss Italian) as […]

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The Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues in Geneva is the city's first hotel, having opened in 1834.

Family-Friendly Luxury at the Elegant Four Seasons Geneva

Geneva is an elegant city and the pinnacle of elegance is the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva, which opened in 1834 as the city’s first hotel to welcome visiting statesmen. Now elegant is typically not the kind of adjective that you would align with family-friendly… and yet, the Four Seasons Geneva was family-friendly beyond my wildest dreams, the kind of vivd, travel-fueled dreams that an early-rising toddler usually disrupts.

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If you catch Geneva's Jet d'Eau at the right time of day from the right angle, you can see a rainbow.

Oh Hello Jet d’Eau: The Water Fountain You Can’t Miss in Geneva

It’s so nice when you don’t have to worry about seeing a famous landmark because there’s no way you could miss it. That’s exactly how I felt about the Jet d’Eau in Geneva. I only had one full day of sightseeing in Geneva, and I had a few things to tick off my list. What a relief that the Jet d’Eau, an enormous water fountain in Lake Geneva, was easy to spot from multiple vantage points in the city.

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Geneva and the South of France: My 10-Day Intinerary

Remember when I was worrying about how difficult it would be to travel with a two-and-a-half-year-old? Well, I got over that… Switzerland and France, here we come!

Every time I thought about where I wanted to go this summer, my mind kept coming back to the South of France. I was last there 12 years ago with my sister, and I just loved it. I knew I needed some sort of beach destination for my beach-loving toddler, but I also needed some culture to satisfy my own wanderlust.

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