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Mallorca has incredible beaches -- love the Mediterranean!

Beach or Monastery: You Can’t Go Wrong in Mallorca

When I first learned that legendary Polish composer Frederic Chopin and his lover Parisian writer George Sand lived in a monastery when he spent time in the gorgeous Spanish island of Mallorca, I was puzzled as to why anyone would want to live there if they weren’t monks. But then we went to visit the […]

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The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria -- you must stop in Barcelona's legendary market when you visit!

5 Free Things to Do in Barcelona

Whoever said that the best things in life were free wasn’t trying to travel on a budget! But when you travel to a fabulous city like Barcelona, there are tons of great things to do and see that are free. And any money saved can go right to your tapas bill… Here are my favorite free things in Barcelona, which also happens to be one of my all-time favorite cities.

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Horse-Drawn Carriages in Seville

There was something magical about the horse-drawn carriages of Seville, Spain. Sure, they’re just about the only thing more touristy than taking a gondola ride in Venice. And to be honest, I wasn’t even tempted by horse and buggies in Seville — probably because we had a very active 11-month-old with us when we were there […]

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cristo rei lisboa

Driving From Lisbon to Seville to Sintra

Lisbon and Seville. Seville and Lisbon. Perhaps they aren’t the two most natural city combos, like London and Paris or Vienna and Prague. But when I was planning my trip in October, they seemed like the perfect pair, and I was right. Lisbon and Seville were just a four-and-a-half-hour drive apart, which sounded great since […]

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sevilla plaza de espana

Slideshow: Seville’s Spectacular Plaza de Espana

— Plaza de Espana (pictured above, and in the slideshow) turned out to be my favorite sight in Seville. It was the Alcazar that earned Seville the second spot on my Lisbon-Seville-Sintra itinerary (sorry Porto — next time). I had always heard about how amazing the Alcazar was, and don’t worry, it didn’t disappoint. But I […]

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San Sebastian, Spain: A Basque Seaside Jewel

(photos by Pete and Libby) There's Spanish culture, there's French culture, and then there's Basque culture. Pete and Libby (whom you may remember from their photos of the Winter Olympics and Lindsey Vonn) decided to explore the Basque region in early May. They flew into Toulouse, France, and then drove to San Sebastian, Spain, where […]

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