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Elephants in Sabi Sands, South Africa

A Look Back at a Perfect South Africa Honeymoon

South Africa is often thought as a “bucket list” destination, the kind of dream destination that you’ll visit someday. But instead of putting it off, how about doing it right away… like making it first place you go after you get married? South Africa has become an increasingly popular honeymoon choice as it offers so many varied — yet unique — experiences. Amanda and Neil had shared their incredible South Africa honeymoon with; now, they approach their second anniversary, here’s a look back at their perfect three-week itinerary.

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South Africa Honeymoon: The Ultimate Itinerary

When it came to their honeymoon this past July, Amanda Lobell and Neil Roach knew that they had to do something spectacular. So they chose to spend three weeks in South Africa to give themselves a chance to really explore everything the country had to offer. The bar was set pretty high because their past […]

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That Hitchhiker Was a Real Snake

(photo of Kruger Park by Jeremy Sharff) Having a fly buzzing around your car while you're driving can be annoying. But how about taking a 170-km. ride with a slithering Mozambique Spitting Cobra? According to South Africa's Beeld, IIda and Gordon Parratt were leaving the country's famous Kruger National Park when they suspected something unwanted […]

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