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Yosemite Tunnel View

Photographing the Firefall at Yosemite

For a certain type of traveler, it’s all about the chase. And seeing – and successfully photographing – a natural phenomenon that requires ideal weather conditions is about as tough as it gets. James Kaiser has spent the past 10 days in Yosemite National Park blogging about his experience trying to photograph the Firefall, which occurs […]

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Photographer’s Special: Rufford Abbey is Fun to Photograph

Rufford Abbey, a crumbling monastery-turned-country-house, ended up being one of my favorite attractions in Nottinghamshire, and possibly in all of England. It used to be within what was officially considered Sherwood Forest (home of the Major Oak), but as the forest's land has been divided up it's now its own Rufford Abbey Country Park. It's […]

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