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Sree’s Twitter Tips in Cosmo India

One of my day jobs is working as an adjunct faculty member with Sree Sreenivasan at Columbia Journalism School for its continuing education social media courses. Sree is the Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University and is known worldwide for his social media expertise. Here, he gives Twitter tips for Cosmo India, and I’ve embedded […]

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Scenes from Durga Puja 2009 in Calcutta

(photos by Nandini Banerjee) The four-day Hindu festival of Durga Puja that takes place every fall all over eastern region of India is underway. It's become more about expressing folk artistry and playing traditional music than about the religion itself, which makes it an ideal celebration for foreigners to attend. The decorations and makeshift temples […]

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The Slums Beyond Slumdog Millionaire

Thanks to the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, people are talking about the Indian slums who would never be talking about them otherwise. Guided tours of Mumbai’s slums are on the rise, report London’s TImes and National Geographic Traveler. But Partha Banerjee, an NYC-based writer/activist, needs no such guide — in fact, he could be your […]

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