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Farmers Market in Aljezur, Portugal. Photo by Cassar Photography.

Dining in Aljezur, Portugal: Bacalhau, Medronho and More

With all of the surfing, hiking and general beach-ing you’re bound to be doing in Aljezur and the surrounding area, you’re bound to work up an appetite. For the self-catering types, you can check out Aljezur’s Mercado Municipal, which is located in the square just near the bridge in town. It offers for purchase fresh fish, fruit and vegetables every day.
If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking for you, there are numerous restaurants in the area serving excellent Portuguese cuisine…

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Praia de Monte Clerigo, another of the beautiful beaches near Aljezur, Portugal; photo by Elizabeth Montalbano.

Aljezur, Portugal: Not Just a Surfer’s Paradise

A few months after I had started in my blog in 2009, Elizabeth Montalbano contacted me because she wanted to write a guest post about a life-changing trip she took to Aljezur, Portugal, to learn how to surf. Little did she (or I) realize just how life-changing that vacation would be. Fast-forward four years later, she contacts me to let me know that she moved to the charming little town of Aljezur and would I be kind enough to let my readers know about her guesthouse, Casa Boa Vista, which she rents out. Here, she describes why Aljezur is such a special place that you should at least visit it — and possibly even move there!

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Little Kids in the Big Easy: Family Attractions in New Orleans

When you hear New Orleans, you think “let the good times roll” not “let the strollers roll.” But Jill Martin Wrenn, family traveler extraordinaire (you may remember her guest posts about Italy, Birmingham, England, and Disney World during Thanksgiving), just spent the weekend there with her three kids and found that there’s plenty for little ones — and […]

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