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Vacation Without the Baby: The Real Babymoon?

Tomorrow, my husband and I will be spending our first night away from the baby. Actually, we’ll be spending three nights away from our six-month-old son because we’re going to a wedding at Caneel Bay in St. John. I know we’re going to have an incredible time in the Caribbean, but we’re also really going […]

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Flying With a Baby

I was so nervous to fly with my baby. Would the two-and-a-half-hour flight from NYC to Florida feel like the longest flight of my life? What if he screamed the whole time? Would the passengers seated near us try to throw us off the plane? I had visions of an Air Marshall getting involved… Like […]

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Why Having a Baby Is Like Traveling

For the past six weeks, I’ve been navigating uncharted territory: Babyland. I had my first child at the end of November and it’s been quite a trip. In fact, having a baby reminds me of traveling for four reasons. 1. I’m totally jetlagged. I do get sleep, but it’s not during the hours that I’m […]

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The Georgia Aquarium: Tanks for the Family Memories

Jill Martin Wrenn recently moved to Atlanta after living in London for eight years. Her entertaining and insightful blog, Reverse Culture Shock,chronicles her adventures as she explores her new city and readjusts to American life. The Georgia Aquarium is incredibly kid-friendly, but my husband and I enjoyed it too — and not just because it […]

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