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The lovely grounds of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Why is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark?

I love museums, and I have a memory from a couple of years ago (in my pre-blogging existence) of reading a travel magazine (have Googled this article to no avail) and seeing beautiful photos of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. I can recall thinking, I’d really love to go there. I can remember feeling puzzled why something called the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was in Denmark. And then, upon realizing that this museum is not even located in Copenhagen, I dejectedly thought to myself, I’ll probably never get to go. Well, I got to go! And it was fantastic!

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mermaid statue denmark

Happy 100th Birthday, Little Mermaid!

Copenhagen’s most famous statue, The Little Mermaid, turns 100 today. Happy birthday, Little Mermaid! Or should I say: Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Den Lille Havfrue! This symbol of Copenhagen – the famous character from a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale –  doesn’t look a day over 25. I must confess, I only saw the back of her […]

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