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Yo, Guidos and Guidettes: Vacation Packages for Jersey Shore Fans

Oh Jersey Shore. I hated the first episode, but then my friend Caitlin insisted I give this MTV reality show another chance. So I did and I soon became completely obsessed with this group of 20-somethings who proudly called themselves Guidos and Guidettes (pictured above) as they lived it up in MTV's beach house in […]

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How to Take a Very Quick Trip to Asia for Just $3

Separated by the Bosphorus, the city of Istanbul spans two continents: Europe and Asia. Like most tourists, we stayed on the European side, specifically in the Sultanahmet, which is the historic center. But we were excited to venture over to Asia, so we caught the ferry at Galata Bridge to the neighborhood of Uskadar. It […]

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I’m Hot for for Car Rentals

Let's face it. Booking a rental car is the least exciting part of planning a vacation. And it can really increase the cost of the trip, as you've got the daily rate of the car plus hefty taxes and insurance fees. When we were planning our trip to Key West in February, we had already […]

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Don’t Get Too Excited by the Rates on

I am planning a somewhat last-minute trip to Costa Rica — I’m incredibly excited as I have always wanted go there — so I have been busy booking my accommodations online. I was looking on the usual booking suspects (,, etc.) when I came across the lesser-known I entered in my dates, number […]

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This Dog Has a Sixth Sense for Airfare Deals

When the Airfarewatchdog barks, I listen. Airfarewatchdog is a fantastic website created by veteran travel journalist George Hobica that tracks airfare deals and has an adorable canine logo. It's very user-friendly — all you have to do is type in your departure city and it will give you a list of cheaper-than-normal fares. You can […]

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