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The base of the waterfall at Kent Falls State Park in Kent, Connecticut

Waterfall Delight in Connecticut: Kent Falls State Park

If you want proof that I wasn’t expecting much from our impromptu day trip to Kent, Connecticut, here you go: I didn’t bring my camera. Yep, all of these photos are taken by my iPhone 4 because I didn’t think that that our Memorial Day trip to Kent was going to be anything to blog about. Northwest Connecticut, the foothills of the Berkshires, is a beautiful area, but I’ve been there so many times throughout the years that I wasn’t expecting to see anything truly different. But the impressive waterfall at Kent Falls State Park blew me away — I was glad to be wrong!

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18 Easy NYC Getaways With and Without a Car

I love New York City. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. (Except for maybe Barcelona, London or Rome.) But as much as I love New York, there are plenty of weekends when I just want to get away. All New Yorkers do — getting out of town is a sport we take seriously. I’ve […]

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