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christmas brooklyn

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn: Christmas Lights Mecca

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, is one place where you can have a very bright Christmas! Keeping up with the proverbial Joneses never required more electricity than it does in this Christmas lights wonderland. Subtlety is not rewarded here. Many of the houses go far beyond lights, with giant Nutcrackers, inflatable Santa Clauses and Nativity Scenes. Most […]

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new york botanic garden

Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens: All Aboard for This New Family Tradition

I had heard about the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden for years, but I had always thought that it was something just for kids. Until I had my son (who just turned two), I didn’t get excited about trains unless I was planning a trip to Europe. But now that trains […]

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singapore lights

The Best Christmas Lights Around the World in 2012

Santa Claus’s round-the-world flight every Christmas Eve has long been the envy of the travel world. Circling the globe by private jet, er sleigh, and getting to see all the world’s best Christmas lights sounds like it would be the perfect winter holiday. For those who can’t figure out how to hitch a ride with […]

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Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Best Christmas Lights Around the World

All travel buffs are secretly jealous of Santa Claus. Who wouldn’t to travel around the globe in a single night, in a flying sleigh led by nine reindeer. The speed! The comfort! And no baggage restrictions! Plus, he gets to see all of the world’s best Christmas decorations. With Rudolph leading the way, here’s a […]

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sydney town hall at christmas

Christmas Decorations Around the World: Sydney, Brussels and More

Sure, the Christmas Tree at NYC’s Rockefeller Center may be a tourist mecca, but I love it anyway. While that massive tree is one of the world’s most famous Christmas displays, most cities around the world deck the streets, parks and squares for Christmas. A round-the-world tour for the month of December to see all […]

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