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Good News For Country Counters: Curuacao and St. Maarten are now Autonomous Countries

Friendly banter among travel enthusiasts can quickly become competitive. The conversation may start with “where were you last?” progress to “where else have you been?” and then escalate to “how many country have you visited?” Well, here’s some good news for country counters — you know the types who collect passport stamps for bragging rights. […]

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Exploring the Coast of Turkey From Selcuk to Antalya

(Photo of a Lycian Tomb Near Kekova by Neil Roach) Turquoise water. Ottoman architecture. Lycian tombs. Roman ruins. Amanda Lobell and Neil Roach found all that and more when they traveled along the gorgeous Turkish coast. Following a week in Istanbul and Cappadocia, they flew to Izmir to visit the incredible ruins of Ephesus (which […]

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Imperial War Museum North: Visiting Manchester’s Branch of the IWM

The Imperial War Museum North has the kind of name that makes you think that perhaps it won’t be all rainbows and unicorns inside. But despite its intimidating moniker and Daniel Libeskind’s imposing architectural creation, Manchester’s Imperial War Museum North makes one of the world’s most frightening topics surprisingly accessible (and not just because it’s […]

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Going Beyond Harry Potter: Inside the Still-Inhabited Alnwick Castle

Harry Potter (specifically the lure of seeing the castle that starred as Hogwarts) was enough to get us to take a detour to Alnwick Castle in Northeast England on our drive from Manchester to Edinburgh. But when we arrived we learned that there’s a lot more to Alnwick Castle than being the location where they […]

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