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Spotting seals swimming from the beach in Cape Cod

Watching Seals Swim from a Cape Cod Beach

We were in the parking lot of Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Mass., in late August when we struck up a conversation with a man who was also taking an inordinately long time to pack up his car. We were trying to decide which Cape Cod ocean beach to visit, and I had heard that […]

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5 Things You Should Know About The Outer Banks

5 Things to Know About The Outer Banks

  If you’re considering spending some time in The Outer Banks, here are five essential things you should know about these barrier islands off of North Carolina. I just learned all of these firsthand on my trip to Corolla last week. Number one is the most important: you will love The Outer Banks! So stop […]

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Lake Annecy, France

Lake Annecy: Europe’s Purest Lake

Whatever France’s Lac Annecy is selling, I’m buying. After all, I’m only used to seeing this kind of pureness in advertisements that are trying to persuade me to buy beauty products and pharmaceuticals. Looking at this lake, anything is possible. If you could be younger, smarter, more energetic, happier, better looking, stronger or just plain healthier, this lake will make it happen. I’m perfect, the lake says. You can be too.

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Sandhammaren, the best beach in Osterlen, Sweden

Sandhammaren: The Best Beach in Sweden

Sandhammaren is the best beach in Sweden. It’s also the only beach I’ve been to in Sweden, so don’t take my word for it. The Aftonbladet (the famous Swedish newspaper we all know about from the Steig Larsson novels) said it was the best beach in Sweden. And with the long stretch of uninterrupted coastline, warm (surprisingly warm!) Baltic waters, soft, light sand and inviting dunes, I’m more than willing to believe that Sandhammaren is the best beach in Sweden. It’s located in Osterlen, the southeastern tip of Sweden.

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Praia de Monte Clerigo, another of the beautiful beaches near Aljezur, Portugal; photo by Elizabeth Montalbano.

Aljezur, Portugal: Not Just a Surfer’s Paradise

A few months after I had started in my blog in 2009, Elizabeth Montalbano contacted me because she wanted to write a guest post about a life-changing trip she took to Aljezur, Portugal, to learn how to surf. Little did she (or I) realize just how life-changing that vacation would be. Fast-forward four years later, she contacts me to let me know that she moved to the charming little town of Aljezur and would I be kind enough to let my readers know about her guesthouse, Casa Boa Vista, which she rents out. Here, she describes why Aljezur is such a special place that you should at least visit it — and possibly even move there!

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The Post-Modern Postcard: A Beachy E-Card From Card Lust

When I went to Florida at the end of October, I didn’t blog about it. I barely tweeted about it, although I did Instagram it. I certainly didn’t send any postcards, but then again I’m pretty sure that the last time I sent was a postcard was five years ago from Barcelona. So I’ve decided […]

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