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Blue Skies and Calm Seas for Glacier Bay, Alaska

With blues skies and calm waters, today’s scenic cruising of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, on the Coral Princess was spectacular. A park ranger joined us onboard and, in her hypnotically soothing voice, she narrated the highlights of this constantly changing landscape through the PA system.That’s the Margerie Glacier pictured above, and we got to […]

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The Summit of Mt. McKinley Makes an Appearance

Only 50% of climbers successfully reach the top of Mt. McKinley, which is North America’s highest point at 20,320 feet tall. It turns out that just seeing Mt. McKinley’s summit is an accomplishment, because it’s usually shrouded in clouds. Well, its peak wasn’t completely revealed tonight from my vantage at the McKinley Princess Hotel, but […]

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Arriving on a Bright, Sunny Night in Alaska

Arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska, was one of the strangest arrivals I’ve ever experienced. There was nothing wrong with the landing – it was a smooth (if cramped) flight on Frontier from Denver. But when I arrived at 9:37pm on time to the minute (OK, that was also a little strange), it was just so incredibly […]

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Join the Slow Packing Movement

When I worked at Zagat, I often heard about the Slow Food movement, which emphasizes seasonal, locally produced fare eaten leisurely in the company of others (as opposed to going to your local fast-food drive-through and wolfing it down alone in your car). And, I’m aware of the Slow Travel movement, which would certainly disapprove […]

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