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Alaska Cruise: A Look Back at Glaciers, Huskies and More

Summer is almost here, so grab your raincoats and sweaters… Wait, what?! Yes, it’s the start of Alaska cruise season and you will need good outerwear if you want to see the breathtaking glaciers and adorable sled dogs. Alaska is an incredible destination best seen by a combination of land and sea (and a combination of raincoat and sweater), and I was lucky enough to experience it on a Princess cruisetour.

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My Top 10 Travel Moments of 2010

2010 was a fantastic year of travel for me, with a two-week trip to Alaska as the clear highlight. Like last year, choosing my top 10 travel moments wasn’t easy but it did make me feel very thankful for such an exciting opportunities. I feel like every trip I took deserved its own top 10, […]

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Stopping to Smell the Wild Roses: A Nature Walk Around Alaska’s Byers Lake

Byers Lake (pictured above) is the kind of place you imagine when you think of the Alaska wilderness. It’s tranquil, pristine and beautiful. It’s not one of Alaska’s most spectacular sights — it’s no Yannert icefield, Glacier Bay National Park or even Mendenhall Glacier — but it’s quiet beauty is spectacular in its own way.

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Mendenhall Glacier: More Than Just Another Glacier

No matter where you’re traveling, it’s so easy to become jaded. Often you’re surrounded by a certain kind of beauty, and you can find yourself saturated and uninterested in taking more in. Should you push yourself to see one more ruined temple in Greece? One more castle in Wales? One more beach in Antigua? You […]

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