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Guest Blogging About Santorini on

Today I'm over at guest-blogging about Santorini. Keith Jenkins's travel blog is a terrific read — I especially love his Asia coverage — and I was pleased to contribute to his "World of Inspiration" series. I wrote about an Australian couple that I met one evening in the gorgeous town of Ia (pictured above). […]

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Sounio: The Best Place to Start Your Vacation in Greece

I am terrible at sleeping on overnight flights. I am normally an excellent sleeper, but the combination of excitement to get to my destination plus the pressure to fall asleep plus the uncomfortable coach seat almost always results in a frustratingly sleepless night. So last year, when I was planning my trip to Greece I […]

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Taking a Break From Mykonos Partying to See Delos

(photo of The Terrace of the Lions by GreenBeanPrime/Flickr) When I was planning my trip to Greece last summer, I asked my friend — and fellow travel enthusiast — Kate Schwab lots of questions because she had recently vacationed there. She helped me with Santorini and was patient while I endlessly debated To Mykonos or […]

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