About Travelogged

From the glaciers of Alaska to the volcanoes of Santorini, this travel blog covers all of the coolest and hottest destinations around the world with enough info to help you plan your next trip and enough photographs to keep you daydreaming until you get there. The ideal Travelogged adventure includes both culture and nature, so museums and historic sights get equal play with beaches and breathtaking scenery. And let’s not forget about fabulous food and hotels…

Liz Borod Wright, a seasoned editor based in New York City who has held staff positions at,, Life & Style Weekly and Zagat, began Travelogged in January 2009 as a way to write about her favorite subject: travel. She maximizes the amount of destinations she can cover by writing about her friends’ trips too. She also writes about travel trends and how travelers and travel bloggers can best use social media and new technology.

In the beginning of the blog, Liz was traveling primarily with her husband. But in November 2011, a travel-loving baby arrived (and was joined by a second baby in March 2014). While you will see stories geared toward family travel, this blog appeals to couple travelers and solo travelers too.

Liz is available for freelance assignments, guest blogging, media events, press trips and social media consulting. She lives in NYC and can be reached at She can be found on Twitter (@Travelogged), Facebook (Travelogged) and Instagram (Travelogged).

All photographs on this blog are taken by Liz unless otherwise noted. Everything on this blog is copyrighted.