A Return Trip to Edaville’s Thomasland

thomasland edavilleWell, two years flew by as quickly as if I was riding Harold the Helicopter. That’s how long it had been since my first trip to Edaville Family Theme Park’s Thomasland in Carver, MA, the cranberry bog country just west of Cape Cod. And I was as eager to return to Thomasland as if I was Thomas trying to beat (cheerfully, of course) Percy back to the station. My older child, now six-and-a-half, still loves Thomas, still regularly setting up his train track into new configurations. But even better was that my younger child, now three-and-a-half, also loved Thomas. She plays with trains right along with her brother. I’m happy to report that our second trip was even better than our first, as more rides had open and it’s now complete.

Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster

Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster

Much as we had grown as a family, Thomasland had also matured. It wasn’t 100% finished when we visited in August 2015 —  that’s how excited we were to go. But now, everything was complete (with 11 rides total) and yet it still had a sparkly veneer of newness. Two exciting new-to-us rides greeted us:  Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster and Winston’s Skyline Express. Troublesome Trucks was a fun rollercoaster — it was perfect for my son, yet my husband really enjoyed it too. All four of us went on Winston’s Skyline Express. First of all, riding Sir Topham Hatt’s private car is understandably quite a thrill, plus we loved hearing his voice in the recording. It was fairly high (luckily no fear of heights of here) and enough slow so that you could take in the views of Thomasland and Edaville. It was a leisurely ride, like you were Sir Topham Hatt surveying the riches of Sodor. The other big addition was the Sodor Play Zone. It was a very impressive climbing structure, but we didn’t spend much time there because we were enjoying the rides so much. The lines weren’t too long so the kids got a lot of rides in and did everything they wanted to, multiple times.

Winston's Skyline Express

Winston’s Skyline Express

Because my son was older than the last visit, I let him ride on Cranky’s Crane Drop, which I personally was afraid to try. I was happy to revisit Diesel Derby, a charming ride that goes through Ffarquhar Quarry, with my three-year-old daughter. There was plenty for a three-year-old to do, and the six-year-old did every ride. Last time, I rode Firefighting Flynn with the kids — it’s a really fun ride and Flynn is a favorite in our family. You get wet as you spray the “burning building” and it’s a nice relief on a hot day. But this time, I left it to the kids. Same with Harold’s Lift Off. I did, however, ride the Sodor Windmill, a small ferris wheel. We all had a great time at Thomasland and hope to return again. Peep peep!


train and Edaville USA

Edaville USA, we would love to come back soon!

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