The Ultimate Orange Experience: Koningsdag in Amsterdam

The winners with DJ Hardwell at the Ultimate Orange Experience

The Dutch know how to throw an amazing party and Koningsdag, King’s Day, is one of the finest examples of their festivities full of Oranjegekte or Orange Madness. Despite it being ridiculously fun, King’s Day, which marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander, isn’t that well known around the world, as KLM and Heineken found when they polled people in Shanghai, Cape Town, Rio, Los Angeles and Oslo.

In Heineken venues across each of the cities, people who ordered a Heineken were asked if they wanted an “Orange experience”. Those who accepted were given an orange outfit and challenged to sing “Oranje Boven”, a classic Dutch folk song, in front of the packed bar. If they were brave enough to perform, the contestants were immediately whisked away to an airport, stopping just to pick up a bag and their best friend. And only then were they told that they were headed to Amsterdam!

Ten lucky winners arrived in Amsterdam with King’s Day celebrations in full swing. They were first taken for a ride around the city on bikes and playing typical Dutch King’s day games, before boarding a boat for the main event with DJ Hardwell, the number one DJ in the world.

Warning: After watching this “Orange Experience video, you will be dreaming of going to Koningsdag and getting swept up in Oranjegekte!

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