KLM Business Seats Go Full Flat, Plus KLM’s #Flatornot Contest

KLM's #flatornot contest
I’m terrible at sleeping on planes, which is ironic because I’m a champion napper. So when I found that a new full-flat seat developed by Dutch design icon Hella Jongerius is the centrepiece of KLM’s new World Business Class, I was pretty excited. (The Business Class of the whole KLM Boeing 747 fleet will be restyled by mid-2014. The redesign of the Boeing 777-200 fleet will start by the end of 2014, followed by the rest of the intercontinental fleet.) There’s only one problem: I’m usually stuck in coach with a toddler — and now a newborn! I was excited again when I found out that KLM is giving away intercontinental Business Class tickets with its humorous, interactive “Flat or Not” contest:

It’s a really fun contest — it’s based on this funny stunt that KLM pulled at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to create buzz around their new seat. KLM prepared an ordinary airport waiting seat so that it can recline to a full-flat bed and placed it at Schiphol Airport. When people unsuspectingly sat down on it, it was reclined and filmed with hidden cameras. People were pretty surprised that this was happening, and they had no idea that if they just went with it they could win a great prize. The first person who stayed in it until it was fully flat won 2 World Business Class tickets. Here’s a video of the highlights… After watching this video, you should totally ace the Flat Or Not contest and win the pair of tickets! Bon voyage and remember to recline fully.


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