Discovering the Spirit of Japan Through Video

Discover Japan Video Dancer
Would you like to take a really quick trip to Japan? One of my favorite interviews on this blog is with a friend who toured Japan for just one week — a very ambitious trip where he managed to see Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Himeji Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace. But now I’ve come across this video, “Discover the Spirit of Japan,” by the Japan Tourism Agency, which lets you take a virtual trip to Japan for 90 seconds. So much faster and easier…

This video focuses on the spirited people of Japan, instead of the famous sights that harried travelers would focus upon. Throughout the video, people of all ages are doing the Awa Dance (as is the woman in the photo above) in different settings, from the countryside to a dance studio to finally the Awa Dance Festival, which is the Japanese equivalent of Rio’s Carnival. It’s a beautiful, uplifting video that’s almost mesmerizing — I felt fully immersed in the culture while watching it. This makes me want to vist Japan even more than I already did!

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