Florida Holidays: 7 Great Attractions to Include on Your Florida Holiday

salvador dali florida

Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL

Planning a trip to Florida? Then I hope you’ll enjoy this guest post about the top attractions all over the The Sunshine State.

Florida is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the United States, and that should come as no surprise thanks to the many great attractions within the state. Whether you are looking for luxury golf courses, fun amusement parks for families, incredible beaches or anything in between, you can find it all in Florida. When planning your next itinerary in Florida, be sure to include as many of these great attractions as possible; Virgin Holiday’s site recommends many of these attractions.

1. Amusement Parks in Orlando: Orlando is a top choice for travellers, in large part due to the many amusement parks you will find in and around the city. The Walt Disney World Resort is the largest by far, but other popular choices for children and adults alike include Universal Studios Orlando, Gatorland and Wet n’ Wild, a large outdoor water park.

2. Salvador Dali Museum: The artist Salvador Dali may be one of the most popular modern artists to come out of Europe, but a museum and art gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, actually holds a large portion of his work. Art enthusiasts who appreciate the wild paintings by Dali should be sure to include this landmark on their stay.

3. The History of St. Augustine: As the oldest European settlement in the entire United States, St. Augustine has a rich history and heritage. Take in the impressive Spanish colonial architecture, the scenic ocean views and the inviting boardwalks that run up and down the coastline.

juno florida golf

Seminole Golf Course

4. Kennedy Space Centre Visitor’s Complex: This destination is America’s primary space launching site, and visitors to Cape Canaveral can tour the visitor’s centre and museum to learn more about America’s history of space exploration. Roughly once each month, a launch will take place there as well. Visitors will any interest in space should be sure to fit a launch countdown viewing into their travel itinerary.

5. Everglades National Park: This large expanse is one of Florida’s most fascinating natural destinations. The Everglades are full of incredible flora and fauna, and boat tours can bring guests through the swamp to see alligators,heron and plenty of local plants.

6. Beaches of Miami: Miami is a cultural melting pot and boasts incredible history and cuisine, but what most travellers come for is the beaches. Visit the most famous beaches like Haulover Beach Park, South Beach, Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay for the beautiful scenery as well as for the lively nightlife right on the shoreline.

7. Seminole Golf Course: Florida is known for its abundance of scenic golf courses, but golf enthusiasts regularly claim that the Seminole Golf Course, in Juno Beach, Florida, is the best in the state. If you are looking for challenging shots and out of this world vistas, then be sure to visit the course yourself.

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