Happy 100th Birthday, Little Mermaid!

mermaid statue denmark

Here’s the back of The Little Mermaid, which I saw on a canal tour of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen’s most famous statue, The Little Mermaid, turns 100 today. Happy birthday, Little Mermaid! Or should I say: Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Den Lille Havfrue!

This symbol of Copenhagen – the famous character from a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale –  doesn’t look a day over 25.

I must confess, I only saw the back of her when I was in Copenhagen in July. That’s because the closest I got to her was on an hour-long boat tour with Canal Tours Copenhagen. It was nice seeing her from the water because this area of the Copenhagen Harbor can get quite crowded on land. Also, it saved us the long walk from the city center.

The Little Mermaid has only willingly left the harbor once, and that was to attend the Shanghai Expo in 2010. But her 100 years in the Copenhagen Harbor has been far from boring. Just a few days ago, she was given a mask and joined the Pussy Riot Protest.

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