Pampered on a Princess Cruise Ship: A Long-Awaited Holiday

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the Emerald Princess cruise ship

Considering a cruise? Then you’ll love this guest post about just how fun and relaxing a cruise can be.

You and your wife have not gone on a proper holiday in a decade, so that is why you have decided to live the good life and indulge in a bit of pampering on the Emerald Princess cruise ship. It was your friends, Paul and Samantha, who recommended the ship, for they had just returned from a stay and cruise (booked through Virgin Holidays Cruises) in the eastern Mediterranean, raving about the ship’s spectacular service and amenities as if they had been wearing elegant ball gowns and tailored suits in a luxurious transatlantic ocean liner.

The On-board Lifestyle

You spend the first day of the cruise catching some sun and hopping from swimming pool to swimming pool. You tell your wife you are re-enacting a famous short story by the American author John Cheever, but she has never read The Swimmer and does not get your allusion and subtle humour. Needless to say, the Emerald Princess has five swimming pools and an Asian themed lotus spa, so there is no shortage of places to swim. There is even a ‘Movies Under the Stars Poolside’ Theatre, so you can watch a romantic comedy or a Hollywood blockbuster while you do backstroke laps or bake in a deck chair like an iguana.

Cruising with Ralph Lauren

The nightlife on the Emerald Princess is legendary, so after you and your wife do some late afternoon sunbathing on the adult’s only deck, you put on your best Ralph Lauren shirt and a pair of khakis and head to the Crooners Martini Bar. There are numerous bars and swank lounges to choose from on the Emerald, but you want a Bombay gin martini that is as clear as the Caribbean Sea. After that, you visit the Wheelhouse Bar, Speakeasy Cigar Lounge, Skywalker’s Nightclub and Gatsby’s Casino. By the time you and your wife are done carousing, you are happy that the stars are out and the constellations will help you find your cabin.

Morning Exercise and a Massage

The ocean view gym is packed with holiday shipmates looking to burn off those extra calories. You decide to leave the free weights for another day and step out for a run on the jogging track. Your wife is getting a morning massage because she thinks that it will combat any chance of motion sickness. There are so many ways to spend the day on the open water that you are having trouble deciding what to do. There are cooking classes, lectures, art auctions and duty free shopping, but in the end you opt to go pool hopping again. Tomorrow, the Emerald Cruise ship will dock in Barbados, so you and your wife need to start planning what type of excursions you want to take. Today, however, it is time to get a book from the ship’s library, pull a deck chair up to the side of a pool and order a tropical drink. The only thing on the itinerary is deciding which restaurant to eat at.

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