5 Reasons to Choose a Tour When Visiting Jordan

petra Jordan and her magnificent attractions are high on most traveler’s bucket lists, including mine! Here’s a sponsored guest post that explains why you might want to consider a tour when visiting Jordan.

The country of Jordan is one of the most popular Middle Eastern countries for international travellers to visit. Although it is surrounded by nations like Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank, the nation of Jordan is safe, stable and tolerant of visiting cultures and nationalities. However, many people still enjoy being a part of a tour group in Jordan rather than roaming the country alone. Below are just a few of the many reasons that taking a tour is the best way to see Jordan.

1. Safety and Peace of Mind: Any new city or country will have some risks for travellers, and Jordan is no exception. Whether you are visiting the densely populated capital city of Amman or in the large deserts of Wadi Rum, travelling in a tour group will help you to feel safe no matter where you visit. Local guides are happy to let you know which areas are completely safe and full of friendly residents and which areas are best avoided at certain times of day.

2. Language Barriers: Although English is widely spoken and understood in the tourism industry, Arabic is actually the official language of Jordan. Some signs may not be in English, making it difficult to find your way without detailed maps. In addition, as you leave the major city and begin touring the more rural districts, it can be a challenge to find Jordanians who can understand you. With a tour guide, it is easy to make yourself understood and to shop, dine or communicate effectively with those in Jordan.

3. Transportation: There is very little organize public transportation in Jordan, and most travellers find it difficult to understand the schedules. Buses leave generally when they are full rather than at a particular time, which make keeping to an itinerary a challenge. Other than that, your options are generally to hire a taxi or travel by car. Tours eliminate the difficulty of finding your way around by providing shuttles or vans which get you from one location to the next and even add in special vehicles, such as four wheel drive cars, necessary for seeing the more rural landscapes.

4. Historical Information: Having your guide is a major advantage when it comes to seeing the country of Jordan. Rather than needing to check in a guide book to learn about each monument, street, city and structure you pass by, a tour guide can tell you all about the historical background along the way.

5. Local Knowledge and Customs: With roughly 92 percent of the population practicing Sunni Muslims, visitors should take care to learn the local customs and mores. Local guides can teach you correct greetings, how to say thank you and what kind of touching is appropriate and how to go about eating your traditional meals.

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