Docked in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Ocho Rios, Jamaica; photo by Mr. Thomas/Flickr

I’ve been to Jamaica and I’ve been on cruises, but I’ve never been on cruise that stopped in Jamaica. So when this sponsored guest post came in, I was intrigued to learn more about this popular port in Jamaica, and I hope you will be too.

From Old San Juan to the Grenadines, Caribbean ports are festooned with brightly lit cruise ships. They are as much a part of the tropical landscape as palm trees and fruity umbrella drinks. The cruise provides the perfect means to island hop through the solar green waters of the Caribbean and disembark for whirlwind shopping sprees at several ports of call.

On the other hand, a destination cruise forgoes this restless search for the perfect island and focuses on one holiday spot. Jamaica is the most visited island in the Caribbean. Over one million people a year descend on its shores looking for the tropical good life, or what the Jamaicans call irie. Irie is that relaxed, layback and no worries approach that defines island life. Book a Jamaican cruise and you will find yourself setting sail to either Ocho Rios or Montego Bay, the two most popular cruise ship destinations on the island. Lather up some sunscreen and catch a Trade wind, the ports of Jamaica are the gateway to this lively island nation.

The Cruise: What to Expect
The cruise ship is a floating pleasure palace. It is like combining the best of Las Vegas and Disney World and setting it adrift in the warm and tranquil waters. If is it your first time on a cruise, then it is bound to be overwhelming. There are a lot of people on the ship. Couples, honeymooners, impossibly large families and the elderly are just half of the population. There are also stewards, porters, captains, shipmates and entertainment directors, just to name a few. Do not worry about the hierarchy of the cruise ship personnel. Just be sure you have plenty of money for tips.

Jamaica Waterfall Dunn River

Dunn's River Falls by Yannick Lyn Fatt/Flickr

Much of the cruise revolves around dining and entertainment. There are buffets and drink stations everywhere. The entertainment choices are expansive. From lounges and discos to piano bars and theatrical shows, there is something for everyone. Let’s not forget gambling. Aboard the cruise ship, the rise and fall of money is like the nautical tide. To make your stay easy and convenient the cruise ship hands out a newsletter each day, detailing the entertainment itinerary as well as the shore excursions. If you are docked in Ocho Rios, then a trip to Dunn’s River Falls is in order.

Dunn’s River Falls
Ocho Rios is on Jamaica’s northern coast. It is popular because of its varied landscape. Beaches, jungle, waterfalls and mountains all converge in Ocho Rios. Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s most renowned waterfall. The falls drop 600 feet from atop a mountain to the limestone beds below. You cannot only swim at the bottom, but test your climbing skills by hiking up the waterfall.

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