Finding Bevo: Tracking Down the Texas Longhorns Mascot

bevo mascot

Bevo the Texas Longhorns mascot; photos by Erik Decker

I’ve never been to Texas. Neither had my friends Marla and Erik Decker (who you might remember from their trips to Paris and the Poconos).

Then they got invited to a wedding in Austin at the end of September so they finally had a good excuse to go. They were very excited for two reasons: one, to see if everything was truly bigger in Texas, and, two, to try to find Bevo, the Texas Longhorns mascot. They’re both big-time college football fans.

When Marla first arrived in Austin, she posted on Facebook: “Just landed in Texas. so far nothing looks bigger.” She got a few good comments, my favorite being: “Still, to be on the safe side, don’t mess with it.”

A few hours later, I texted Marla: “Really? Nothing is bigger in Texas?”

I was pretty disappointed at that point.

“Nope,” she texted back.

Longhorns stadium

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

Then a few hours later: “We just met Bevo. He’s pretty big. He’s a bull.”

Not being a sports fan, I had no idea who Bevo was. So I went to Google it. Bevo is a Texas Longhorn Steer who just happens to be the mascot for the Texas Longhorns, University of Texas Austin’s football team.

Of course, I had to wait until they returned home to Hoboken. It turned out that had Erik had done some research about how to find Bevo and learned that he lives on a ranch when it isn’t game time but his location is top-secret so the rivals don’t steal him.

They weren’t expecting to be able to see him because they were visiting on a non-game Saturday and Bevo was supposed to be in hiding. But they decided to tour the UT Austin campus with another wedding guest anyway. They walked all over, and even managed to find a way into the empty stadium.

Then they went  we went to the famous LBJ library, and on their way back we passed a square where they seemed to be having a small pep rally.

“Look, there’s a statue of Bevo,” Marla said.

Then they realized that the statue’s tail was moving…

Bevo was making a special appearance — in the fur — for a volleyball game. They were standing about two feet from him. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Abby
    Twitter: abbytegnelia
    October 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

    I’ve never seen a UT game in my life, but I lived in Austin for a year and know the importance of Bevo! Liz, you HAVE to go to Texas!! Great story. :)
    Abby recently posted..First taste of winter in Canada

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