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Paris is one of those cities that is impossible not to love. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time in the City of Light, there are certain landmarks you just have to see. If you’re planning a trip to Paris or even just daydreaming about one, I hope you’ll enjoy  this sponsored guest post by City Base Apartments about what to do during a short stay in Paris.

I have a list of ten cities that I want to visit in the next five years. I have my usual week in the sun every summer, which consists of sunbathing, sleeping, eating, and…well, that’s about it. So now and again throughout the year, I fancy a short burst of a vibrant and bustling city to feed my mind and my thirst for life. First on my list was Paris; so I went there earlier this year to see what all the fuss was about.

Getting there was the first new experience; I took the Eurostar from London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord, sitting with my face against the window the whole time watching in amazement as we travelled through the Channel Tunnel. The Gare du Nord certainly lived up to its reputation as the busiest train station in Europe; it was packed full of Parisian businessmen, French families, and clueless tourists who, just like me, were wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out where to go next.

Luckily, after half-an-hour of looking at my printed-out maps and accommodation details, I realised I only needed to walk a few minutes down the road. I’d decided to book a really modern and chic apartment so I could do my own thing in terms of food and checking-in and out. I found the Apartments Saint Martin on the City Base Apartments website, and was really impressed on arrival. I dumped my suitcase and jacket, and wandered off in search of historic buildings and ancient French art.

From Gare de l’Est I took the Metro to the Champ de Mars, where I’d pre-booked a visit to the Eiffel Tower on the internet (it’s cheaper and you avoid queuing). No wonder this is the most visited monument in the world, the sights from the top were phenomenal, and well-worth the money. Another wondrous sight is the Musee d’Orsay; even if you’re not interested in Monet and Van Gogh paintings; this museum is worth the visit for a look at the spectacular architecture.

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Notre Dame. Free for all, a visit to this cathedral will have you gasping in amazement at every turn. The quiet, eerie, and slightly ethereal atmosphere is an experience like no other, and you can’t help but feel like falling to your knees and praying. From here, you’ll feel like a gentle wander around the Louvre; a fantastic piece of architecture harnessing some of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world.

After two days and two nights, I was back on the Eurostar heading home; full-up on wine, delicate food, and some fascinating knowledge. I got out my list of cities, and drew a tick next to Paris. Just a few more months and I’d be heading for a weekend in Rome…

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