Wild Donkeys at Caneel Bay in St. John

wild donkey

I never thought of beaches and donkeys together, but it actually makes perfect sense. Look at how well that donkey blends into the sand! There were lots of wild donkeys at Caneel Bay in St. John, and my husband almost walked right into one that resting on the sand because he was too busy looking at the donkeys who were cooling themselves off by the air conditioning units outside the hotel building (see below). Who says that animals don’t appreciate technology?

St. John has a lot of wild donkeys, and a fair number of them like to hang around Caneel Bay. Those are the smart donkeys who can appreciate a luxury resort. All of the wild donkeys on the island are descendants of domestic donkeys who were brought to there to work in the sugar mills. Now that the St. John sugar industry is defunct, the donkeys are living the good life and doing their best to take a break from the strong sunshine.
donkeys caneel bay

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  1. Nomadic Samuel July 7, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    I couldn’t agree with you more – donkeys & beaches don’t exactly seem to naturally jive; however, it’s quite fascinating & you captured them very well with your photos.

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