Experiences in London to Tick Off Your List

London is one of my all-time favorite cities — I consider her to be New York City’s prettier and more charming older sister. There is so much to see there, so I was thrilled when I received this informative sponsored guest post from about the best things to do in London.

London is one of the most beautifully diverse cities of the world, attracting tens millions of visitors every year. If you’re thinking of adding to that number, then here are a few things you need to put on your ‘to do list’ before you go.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see enough of London in one day, so I would recommend that you set yourself up in an apartment or hotel somewhere (London Nights has some great deals) to rest and recharge for another day of cultural delights in the English capital.

Walk down the Mall to Buckingham Palace

Mall to Buckingham Palace

photo by fmpgoh

This is undoubtedly one of London’s best walks. The beautiful tree-lined Mall leads up to the true architectural symbol of Britain and her monarchy: the majestic Buckingham Palace. If you head down the Mall away from the Palace, you will eventually reach the world famous Trafalgar Square.

Witness the Changing of the Guard

changing of the guards

photo by Gabrielle Villena

This English marvel is actually best seen from Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall and not from Buckingham Palace, where most tourists happen to gather with their cameras. The trumpets set the horses on their way at 11am every day and 10am on Sundays, but take your time; the crowds are usually comfortable in size so there is no need to get there especially early.

Cross Tower Bridge

london bridge

photo by Stewart Morris

Tower Bridge is another British landmark that you must see before you leave. This remarkable feat of engineering is well over a hundred years old now, but it still stands proud as one of London’s best sights. It sits near to the Tower of London, where the Crown Jewels are housed.

Have a picnic (and a nap) in Hyde Park

hyde park london

photo by Gigi4791

If the weather is fine, there is no better place to eat al fresco in the capital than Hyde Park. Put yourself together a picnic, complete with tea and cake (or wine and cheese, if you prefer), pick your spot and bask in the Englishness of it all for a couple of hours. Nobody will bat an eye, either, if you want to catch forty winks afterwards.

Go to the IMAX at the National Science Museum

Science Museum London

Image courtesy of Science Museum London

The National Science Museum, which is free, will blow your mind, but its 3D IMAX theatre is something else. They claim that it is so big that, if it was to be laid flat on the ground, you could park 64 London taxis on it. The spectacular Hubble 3D will send your mind into orbit and the upcoming Born to be Wild 3D will make you feel at one with the planet.

Buy something in Harrods


photo by AmberNecter13

Harrods is arguably London’s most famous department store – and probably her most expensive. Buying something here makes you feel all posh, even if it is just a cup of tea and a cake (which might set you back about £8, but, hey, it’s London!).

Go to The French House

french house london

photo by Ewan M

You might not have heard of The French House, but this tiny pub is hugely popular with writers, actors and bohemians of London. The refreshing charm of this place is that they hate technology and love conversation. Just perfect.

Ride the Tube

london tube

photo by bbodien

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the Tube. At rush hour, it’s certainly not for the claustrophobic, but it’s an experience in itself – even if it is just a bunch of trains.

See Piccadilly Circus by night

piccadilly circus london

photo by konqui

These lights by night are a sight to see for sure. Sensory overload is inevitable in this genuinely buzzing London hotspot.

Watch a West End show

west end theatres

photo by Urban Shore Girl

The famous West End consistently produces high quality, exciting shows that won’t let you theatre-goers down. It takes a lot to get – and stay – on the West End, so every dollar will definitely be well spent here.


Visit Westminster Abbey

westminster london

photo by Edwin.11

As if it wasn’t famous enough already, Westminster Abbey was recently beamed across the world as the setting for the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. You can take a tour of the Abbey, on any day except Sunday, to retrace the steps of British history.


6 Responses to Experiences in London to Tick Off Your List

  1. Eurotrip Tips June 22, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Wow! I have a hard believing I have actually done almost everything listed there! I think the official London to-do list could go on and on… but this one does a good job at covering the basics.

  2. Alouise June 23, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    I love London. I went there for couple days a few years back and the one thing I found was it wasn’t enough time. There is so much I want to see and do in London. I did do a few things on the list (like buy a “£25 umbrella from Harrod’s) but there’s a lot I haven’t done.

    I love musicals, so the one thing I had to do was see a show on the West End. I went to Avenue Q. Don’t know if it’s still running, but I love it. It’s like Sesame Street for adults, really funny.

  3. Amanda Kendle
    Twitter: amandakendle
    June 25, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    The French House and the IMAX are the only things I haven’t done but they do sound good. I went through a short IMAX addiction phase about ten years ago – still love ’em. Mostly I just pass through London for a day or two on the way to somewhere else but I do want to stop and spend a decent amount of time there again, sometime.

  4. Bryan Snider June 26, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    I love London as well! I have been to everything except the french house and the imax theatre. If I were to add something to the list it would have to be taking a ride on top of a double-decker bus. If your lucky enough you may get the front seat that offers a great view!

  5. Dave and Deb
    Twitter: theplanetd
    June 28, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    I am so excited. We are going to London for the first time in two weeks! This post is so timely as we have been asking people advice on what to see and do in London. I can’t wait to walk down the mall to Buckingham Palace. I will have to splurge on some tea at Harrods, or maybe I’ll buy myself something posh to wear during those long days without a shower during the Mongol Rally.

  6. Rick Griffin June 30, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    What perfect timing!! I’m making my first trip to London in a couple of weeks!!!!! Thanks for sharing Liz – you ROCK!!

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