How Humid Is It in the Virgin Islands in June?

Humid USVI

Just how humid is it in St. John, USVI, in June? Extremely. Oppressively. Ridiculously. Superlatively.

I could sit here (back in NYC and in the comfort of an air-conditioned room) and rattle off adverbs all day. But luckily a picture is worth 1,000 words and I have managed to take a few pictures that capture the high humidity that I experienced last weekend in the Virgin Islands. As you can see, my camera lens fogged up due to the humidity. This happened repeatedly all four days I was there. Both cameras were affected — my Sony Hx5v point-and-shoot and my DSLR Canon Rebel EOS XSi.

This didn’t even happen when we (and the cameras) went to the rain forest in Costa Rica or the rain forest in Grenada. Yes, St. John was more humid than the rain forest!

I didn’t take as many photos while in St. John as I normally do when I travel, because I had so many problems with both cameras. It’s a good thing I had a lens cleaning cloth and dust brush with me from my Dynex Cleaning Kit (I’m sure they make better cleaning kits, but I bought this last-minute at Best Buy, and was very glad I did) because I used them several times each day. I deleted most of the foggy photos in fit of frustration, but then I decided to keep some because it’s rare that you can actually photograph humidity!

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