Vacation Without the Baby: The Real Babymoon?

Tomorrow, my husband and I will be spending our first night away from the baby. Actually, we’ll be spending three nights away from our six-month-old son because we’re going to a wedding at Caneel Bay in St. John. I know we’re going to have an incredible time in the Caribbean, but we’re also really going to miss him!

This is a wedding for dear friends of ours, and we’ve known about the wedding since before the baby was conceived. I’ve been to St. John before and it’s my favorite Caribbean island, with apologies to Grenada and Grand Cayman. (You guys are great too, but nothing beats the off-shore snorkeling of St. John, which has remained abundant in sea life because beachfront development was limited by the Rockefeller family, who owned the majority of the island for many years.)

While St. John is an amazing place, I think it will be best enjoyed without a 6-month-old. It’s going to be hot and sunny and we plan to log in major beach time, and I don’t think our very fair baby is the best candidate for spending hours on the beach. He could maybe do an hour at a time. And I don’t think he’d be good at snorkeling at all… The bigger reason for not bringing the baby, however, is that we would need a babysitter for him during the wedding. And I don’t feel comfortable using a babysitter that I don’t know — even if she came highly recommended by the hotel — for such a young baby.

So the baby will be staying at home with my parents, whom he knows very well because they live close by. If it wasn’t for their willingness and generosity to babysit him, there is no way that my husband and I could be going on this trip. So we’re really lucky. And even though I have complete confidence that they will do a terrific job with the baby, I still have involuntary mom-anxiety, which I guess goes with the territory. If anything, I’m more worried for them because taking care of this baby (probably any baby, but I only know this one) is utterly exhausting.

So I’m off to a fabulous vacation… after the baby. Is this the real babymoon? As I’ve said before, babymoon is a funny word, probably thought up by marketers. You take a honeymoon after the wedding, but a babymoon before the baby because it’s rare that people can travel with just their spouse soon after the baby.  You need to have a really good excuse, like a must-attend wedding that you’ve known about for two years, and very generous parents.

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