Play Tennis on Something Other Than the Neighborhood Hard Court

Tennis, anyone? If you’re thinking about taking a sporty vacation that gives you a chance to work on your serve, then I hope you’ll enjoy this guest post brought to you by Club Med Sandpiper Bay Florida.

If you’ve been watching any of the French Open lately then you’re more than aware of what you’re missing out on when you strictly play on standard public hard courts. Maybe sliding into your swing sounds intimidating, but it undoubtedly sounds like a worthy challenge too, doesn’t it? If you play tennis often but only recreationally and don’t belong to any local tennis organization, then you’ve probably only played on hard courts your whole life. Not all courts are created equal. Grass makes for a faster ball and gives you the uncontrollable variables that contribute to a unique match every time. Clay slows the ball down but adds to bounce, while the footwork is completely different than either hard or grass court play. What’s the difference to an amateur you might ask. How will you know until you try them out?

Tennis resorts exist just about everywhere the game is popular. But like courts, tennis resorts are not created equal. Many don’t factor the guest to court ratio when booking, because they simply want as many guests as possible to make more money. Yet others charge extravagant fees for what seems like the luxury of multiple court options and instructors when these things come standard at comparable resorts for much less. If you fancy exploring the different facets of the game per court style and wish to understand the game further through professional-level instruction, definitely consider spending some vacation time at a tennis resort. Just make sure you don’t overpay or get treated like cattle or both.

I’d suggest attending one in a warm climate if you can afford the travel costs or are lucky enough to already live somewhere nice and warm year around. This is because the majority of guests at any tennis resort are likely to be coming in from the region. One in New York might be closer, but consider how many other people are going to be thinking the same thing in the vicinity that have been waiting all winter for the weather to permit a weeklong getaway to better their swings. Tennis resorts in Florida and other southern states, however, are going to be accessible year-round and not have the same back log of guests. That’s because Floridians and other coastal southerners are no strangers to tennis courts and certainly no strangers to nice weather. In addition you’re more likely to find grass courts along with clay because it’s easier to maintain grass in an always-sunny environment. There’s also the added guarantee you’ll be learning lessons from people who play year round and not the local high school tennis players working their summer jobs at seasonal resorts up north.

If clay isn’t your thing, wait till Wimbledon begins and see how alluring playing on grass is. It’s just so fresh and authentic looking, even without the mandatory white attire (which you definitely won’t have to worry about at a resort). You’re going to undoubtedly be tempted to at least investigate tennis resort options. Once you feel the way the game is played on grass and clay you might appreciate hard courts more, or instead finally realize what you were missing the whole time.

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