Canberra, Australia: The Musical Version

Parliament House Australia

The Parliament House in Canberra, photo by Ozmark17/Flickr

When my friend Felicity Loughrey told me that she was moving to Canberra, she emailed me a link to a video that, well, basically pokes fun at Australia’s capital city. But at least it does so musically! But hey, you gotta love a place that has a sense of humor about itself. And the lyrics are pretty funny, as you’ll see when you watch the video below.

Felicity (who blogs at Lustaday and whom you may remember from her guest blog post about cooking in Atlantic City, NJ) admits that she can’t really recommend her new home city over Sydney and Melbourne. For one thing, Canberra is inland so you miss out on Australia’s gorgeous beaches. I guess as capital cities go, Canberra may be more Albany, NY, than Paris.

But if you do decide to put Canberra on your Australia itinerary (perhaps being moved to do so after watching Canberra: The Musical?), then you’ll find plenty of museums, including the National Portrait Gallery, which is the newest addition to the Parliamentary Triangle, which of course is a must-see. Felicity also been impressed by the funky thrift store culture she’s discovered there. Plus there’s all the sites that you’ll see in the video…

By the way, I’ve also learned from this video that it’s pronounced Can-bra, so I guess I need to stop telling my husband that the baby and I would like to visit our friend in Can-ber-ra.

Share my love of musical tourism video satires? While this might not be the most popular YouTube meme, it’s one of my favorite. Check out this rap video about Richmond, Virginia, and the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video.

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  1. Christy June 2, 2011 at 4:35 am #

    What a coincidence, my bestie went to Canberra to study a few years ago!! True enough that this place cannot be compared to Sydney or Melbourne; despite it being the capital, I am still surprised to hear how under-rated this place is!! Maybe it’s because it’s surrounded by deserts, but I am intrigued by the culture of the museums and also the funky thrift store outlets you highlighted. What can I say, I love unique stuffs :)
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