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I’ve always found that the most stressful part of any vacation is getting to the airport to actually start the vacation… If London Heathrow Airport is part of your upcoming travel plans, I hope you’ll find this sponsored guest post from useful.

london heathrowHolidays for me have always held a little frustration. Like everyone else, I love going on holiday. I don’t care whether I’m lounging by a beach or zooming down the piste, holidays are one of life’s little treats. The lead into departure time is, however, definitely not. Early morning wake-ups, travel chaos and general stress are not how I want to start my holiday. So imagine my delight when I found another way, a way paved with services specifically designed to ease me into my holiday in the best possible way.

Chiefly I’m talking about the, now pleasingly affordable, airport hotels with parking. Last time I went away I booked into a Heathrow airport hotel for the night before I flew and it was amazing. Not only did staying in the hotel rid me of any fears I had about traffic jams or missing my check-in times, I had plenty of time in the morning once I’d woken from what was a really good sleep.

What the difference, though, was all of the extra services that were available. My booking included both a hotel and parking at Heathrow which was convenient as it meant I didn’t have to search around for a parking deal and it was really cheap. I’m not someone who likes traffic so I even added the Traffic Assistant to my booking. I got a text on my way to the airport telling me there was a jam on my route so I went a different way. A simple text and road rage was avoided, perfect! I was impressed that the parking was so easy, too, I found it with no trouble at all and got to my hotel in no time.

The service I got by booking a hotel and parking at Heathrow made the start of my holiday so much better. I’m normally pretty stressed and frantic before I go, but not with a night in a hotel. It took away all the time pressure you usually get and replaced it with an excellent dinner and a big comfy bed. From now on I will definitely be looking into all the extras I can book with my holiday.

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