Travel Memories Never Looked So Good: A Print Mounted on Acrylic

Everywhere I go, I take hundreds of photos, a small fraction of which end up on Travelogged. In the days of film, I’d be featured on Hoarders because my apartment would be drowning in prints and I’d be suffocating by negatives. But in this digital age, it’s just the opposite. Hardly any of my photos ever make it off the hard drive and onto paper. But when I snapped that photo above, I knew it was a keeper. So I turned to to have my JPEG transformed into a 15-in X 20-in. print mounted to acrylic and ready to hang.

Taking a photo of a photo is quite challenging (as you can see above), so you may have to take my word for it that I was very happy with way the colors, contrast and sharpness appeared on the print and thought it compared favorably to how it looks on my computer (pictured left). The paper that Bumblejax used is Ilford 10mil professional satin photobase paper, which is somewhere between gloss and matte. I was very happy with the product.

On top of the print, there’s a .25-inch layer of acrylic (pictured right) to add rigidity and enhance the vibrancy of the print. The overall effect is so fresh and modern — in fact, many NYC galleries choose to display their photography this way because you don’t have to worry about the frame detracting from the image. If you have a black-and-white photo, you might want to consider an aluminum mounting style. No matter which one you choose, Bumblejax’s prints arrive ready to hang.

So what is this a photo of, exactly? It’s a Highland cow licking my husband’s arm in Scotland. Scone Palace keeps a few cattle in an enclosure and this friendly guy (gal?) took an instant liking to my husband. I had never even heard of Highland Cattle until I saw the stuffed ones they sell in the little tourist shops that line Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, and my first thought was I hope we get to see a real one when we go out to the country. But I never expected to encounter such a friendly one!

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Discount Disclosure: I received a discount in exchange for reviewing this product, but I am free to write whatever I want.


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