Archive | October, 2010

Halloween Edition: The Scariest Haunted Houses in the US

(This lovely NYC brownstone pictured above is not, to my knowledge, haunted. But you never know.) Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. The decorations, costumes and candy — I love it all. Especially the haunted houses, which are more about kitsch and special effects than actual ghosts. Whenever I’ve been in Great Britain, I’ve […]

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Good News For Country Counters: Curuacao and St. Maarten are now Autonomous Countries

Friendly banter among travel enthusiasts can quickly become competitive. The conversation may start with “where were you last?” progress to “where else have you been?” and then escalate to “how many country have you visited?” Well, here’s some good news for country counters — you know the types who collect passport stamps for bragging rights. […]

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