Turkish Coast Hotels: Where to Stay in Kas, Fethiye and Antalya

(Photo of Kapitas Beach by Neil Roach)

After Amanda Lobell and Neil Roach left Selcuk, the Turkish town closest to the legendary ruins of Ephesus, they headed down the gorgeous Turkish coast to Antalya. They didn’t have a definite itinerary, but they knew they needed to reach Antalya in five days for a flight back to Istanbul where they’d catch their flight back to Boston. (You can read about the ruins, beaches and towns they visited here.)

They tried to stay one day ahead of themselves when it came to booking hotels, and ended up spending one night in Fethiye, two nights in Kas and one night in Antalya. All the hotels ended up being winners — they definitely found some hidden hotel gems in Turkey.

Kas_view_turkey Fethiye: After a long drive from Selcuk, we were thankful we had booked the modern and luxurious Yacht Hotel in Fethiye for the night. We enjoyed the the large pool, pretty marina and comfortable room.

Kas: Our next hotel was more basic — the Maki Hotel in Kas, which is located on a pretty, quiet street of exclusively hotels on the edge of town. While the Maki is nothing fancy, we had a very large room for two nights with a balcony and great view of the Mediterranean (pictured left). The hotel’s small pool was a welcome relief from the extreme heat.


Antalya: For its reasonable price and charming character, our favorite was the Atelya Art Hotel in Antalya, which is located in a restored Ottoman house with a beautiful central courtyard. The friendly and helpful staff gave us a choice of about four rooms, including a huge room (more like a suite), which we ended up choosing, and stayed in for the same price as the basic room we had reserved.

Another plus for us was that the Atelya has a large parking lot, which took away some of the stress of having a car in the crowded city. Finding the hotel, which was located in Antalya’s Old Town, was a bit of a nightmare because the streets are narrow, and difficult to navigate (check out that little street on the right). If you’re driving, be sure to call the hotel before you reach Old Town and ask somebody to lead you in! That would have caused us a lot less stress.

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