Finnair Searches for 4 “Quality Hunters” to Travel for 2 Months


Being a "Quality Hunter" doesn't sound like a dream job. But being a Quality Hunter for Finnair does — it means you get to travel to Finnair's destinations in Europe, Asia and the US for 61 days in search of "quality experiences" that you blog about on the Rethink Quality website. You'll be in Up in the Air as much as George Clooney's fictional corporate drone character and almost as often as the real-life and far more glamorous Johnny Jet.

So even though it's not the sexiest job title, being a "Quality Hunter" just may be the coolest travel gig I've ever heard of. Not since last year's Best Job in the World contest run by Queensland Tourism have I seen anything that comes close.

Finnair, Finland's national airline, is hiring four people as independent advisers to asses their flights, airports and destinations, and you can apply here. The application process is fairly straightforward, but the September 26th deadline is quickly approaching. You have to be a fast packer without any immediate commitments because you'll be reporting for quality hunting duty in Helsinki on October 4th. Good luck!

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