Liz Borod Wright’s Published Clips

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Social Media

10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers Mashable, February 2012

8 Reasons People Aren’t Following You Back on Twitter Mashable, March 2012

Travel Writing and Photography

America’s 10 Most Popular Summer Vacation Destinations AOL Daily Finance, July 2011

Robin Hood Lives On In Nottingham, England, May 2010

Top 10 Ways to Go Back in Time in North Wales, December 2009

Tony Soprano’s Last Supper?, June 2007

Cooking Up a Great Vacation, March 2007

Navigating the Land of Maple Syrup: What to Do in Central Vermont, January 2006

Thanksgiving Return-Trip Travel Tips, November 2005

Thanksgiving Travelers Have Lots of Company, November 2005

Little Bermuda Is Big on Charm, September 2005

The Charm of Bermuda: Photography Slideshow, September 2005

New York City News

Artist Jason Polan Sketches 10,000 New Yorkers for ‘Every Person’ Project, July 2010

Artist Jason Polan: Photography Slideshow, July 2010

Rare finds: Book collectors share the thrill of the hunt Cornell Chronicle, March 2010

CU scientists help NYC plant and care for 1 million trees Cornell Chronicle, March 2010

Cornellians help out in NYC on Cornell Cares Day Ezra Magazine, Spring 2010

Big Red hockey fans take over Madison Square Garden Cornell Chronicle, November 2009

Undersecretary of agriculture turns to Cornell as a model of urban extension Cornell Chronicle, September 2009

Easter Hats for Madoff Victims, April 2009

The Marathon Spectators’ Guide: 26 Eateries Along the 26.2-mile Course, October 2008 (See also the November 2007 version)

Zagat’s NYC Fall Restaurant Preview Guide, September 2008

The 2008 James Beard Awards, June 2008

Padma: America’s Next Top Cookbook Chef?, June 2008

Craving Comfort Food on a Cold Winter Night, January 2007

Business/Consumer Stories

Roman Empire’s economic recovery has lessons for today, Cornell professor tells alumni Cornell Chronicle, October 2009

Dummy vs. Dummy FORTUNE Small Business magazine, June 2007

They Charged Me For That?, October 2006

A Big-Biz Face for the SBA? FORTUNE Small Business magazine, June 2006

Cashing In on India’s Boom, March 2006

Paparazzi Stalk L.A. for Oscar Money Shot, March 2006

Objects of Affection FORTUNE Small Business magazine, October 2005

Getting a Small-Business Loan Against the Odds, December 2005

Small Businesses Offer Big Help to Katrina Relief Efforts, September 2005

Buy the Numbers Folio Magazine, July 2004

Taste Test: Frozen Fudge Bars, June 2003

Taste Test: Best Lemonades, March 2003

Health Stories

Actress Describes Mercury Poisoning Ordeal, Oct 2005

How Safe is a Seafood Diet?, Oct 2005

Seniors Study Seniors: More Undergrads Major in Old Age, Oct 2005

The Newest Number: Body Fat, January 2003

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