It’s Dark Right Now in the Land of the Midnight Sun


Hey, it's not even midnight yet! It's 11:40pm here in Alaska, and it's pitch dark out one day after Summer Solstice. The Coral Princess is located somewhere between Skagway and Juneau (we left Skagway around 8pm and will arrive in Juneau tomorrow morning at 6am). The photo above was taken yesterday at 11:40pm, when we were further south (between Glacier Bay and Skagway) and I'm amazed at the difference a few hundred miles and a day can make in terms of light. I didn't bother with a picture of the darkness I'm experiencing right now because, well, it would just be a boring dark photo.

When I arrived in Fairbanks last Monday at 9:30pm, I was shocked by the bright light that showed no signs of quitting when I went to bed just before midnight. In Denali, I sort of saw a sunset and marveled at the pink glow on the mountains, but it didn't actually get dark. Nor did I see darkness at Mt. McKinley — I was admiring my view of the peak at the McKinley Princess Hotel nice and late.

It took me two days to adjust to all that daylight, but then I was hooked. Who needs darkness anyhow? Today at 10:56pm, I took the photo below. Gorgeous dusk, and I was ready to enjoy it for hours. And now, not even an hour later, it's completely dark! So much for the Land of the Midnight Sun…


Comped but never compromised: I’m on an Alaska Twitter Press Trip with Princess Cruises, but I’m free to write whatever I want.

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