Feel Stressed No Longer, Joy of Spa Winners


Thanks so much to everyone who entered Travelogged's first contest! There were two prizes, two $50 gift certificates from Joy of Spa, a new website that has partnered with independent spas across the country that have agreed to honor its gift certificates. The contest asked you to post a comment answering the question: What do you find most stressful about travel? Then one winner was chosen for having the best answer and the other winner was chosen randomly. There were so many great answers — it was tough choosing just one! I wish I could give all of you a Joy of Spa gift certificate to rid you of your travel woes.

I always enjoy a good laugh, so I chose's answer about a frustrating GPS that keeps them on their toes:

The most stressful thing for us about traveling is our GPS, Janice! Janice just loves to ding at the very second you are supposed to turn instead of giving us a heads up! Crossing over two lanes of traffic to avoid missing an exit is crazy stressful, especially when we are in a new city/town! Janice, we love you! But girly, you stress us out 99.9% of the time! Ding!


I chose the second winner, Ali of Ali's Adventures by using a random number generator widget (pictured left). Ali has a great entry about the stress of worrying if your carry-on bag is too large.

I travel carry-on-only because I don't like the hassle of checking luggage. I also don't want to take so much stuff with me that I have to check luggage. My backpack is just barely small enough to pass for a carry-on-sized bag, so I get really stressed out about making sure it will fit in the overhead of a plane, and I get stressed out when checking in for a flight.

Recently while in Australia, I was checking in for my flight from Ayers Rock to Cairns. The ticketing agent made me weigh my backpack, and it was 12 kilos, 5 heavier than the allowable 7 kilos. So I rearranged and redistributed the contents of my backpack into my new knock-off Jimmy Choo purse (purchased in Hong Kong the week before) to get the weight down to 7 kilos. Once I got through security, I started putting everything I had taken out back into my backpack, because my purse with all its contents spilling out was not easy to manage.

While I was doing that, the ticketing agent came through security to hand me a tank top I had accidentally dropped. She must have noticed what I was doing and told some other employees because when it was time to board, one of those agents stopped me to weigh my bag again. Not satisfied with my reply that it had already been weighed, I had to rearrange again. The excuses I was given were 1) from the ticketing agent – that my “heavy” bag could fall out of the overhead compartment and injure someone (I don’t think 5 kilos makes much difference in this scenario), and 2) from the boarding agent – that it was a weight and balance issue.

I had to bite my tongue to stop from telling her that I have taken ground school, and I know that 5 kilos in the overhead or 5 kilos on the floor makes no difference to the weight and balance of the plane.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my contest! I plan to have another one very soon, so stay tuned…

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2 Responses to Feel Stressed No Longer, Joy of Spa Winners

  1. Tom Volpe May 18, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    There is nothing less fun that having to do a sudden rearrange of all your baggage when you find your hand luggage is overweight! I think Ali deserves the spa voucher to get over the stress of that!

  2. b May 19, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    I would sooooo love a spa time! Traveling, navigating, food, time change…so many little stresses!

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