Cinco de Mayo Edition: Top 5 Places I Want to Visit in Mexico

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla, I'm going to celebrate with chips, guacamole and a margarita. But I'm also going to daydream about the top five places I most want to visit in Mexico.

Chichen I've been to Mexico three times, but I haven't seen much of the country. I spent a week in Cancun my senior year of high school, and then in college when visiting friends in San Diego we took two shorts trips to Tijuana and Rosarito, where our time was spent at Senor Frogs and Papas & Beer, respectively. While I don't have plans to visit Mexico any time soon, here's where I want to go.

1. Mexico City: For a long time, I've wanted to go to Mexico City, and always feel a twinge of jealousy whenever I hear of someone I know going there. I've heard it's a unique vibrant city, and among the attractions I most want to see are the Museo Frida Kahlo (the home of one of my favorite artists) and Xochimilco, aka the Floating Gardens, because my mother has a great photo of herself from there in the early 70s.

2. Guanajuato: I had never even heard of Guanajuato until a few days ago when one of my favorite bloggers, Barbara Weibel of, wrote that Guanajuato is the most beautiful city in Mexico and probably the world. I enjoyed her fabulous photographs and I hope to see the city for myself one day. Following Barbara's journey through the heart of Mexico has been fascinating for me!

3. Riviera Nayarit: I love beaches and I know that Mexico has a ton of good ones. I could probably spend days, no weeks, researching them all but I decided to take a shortcut here and go with the area where the Four Seasons and the St. Regis chose to set up shop. They tend to know how to pick a good location.

4. Chichen Itza: When I was in Cancun, we had a choice between Tulum and Chichen Itza. The Tulum trip included snorkeling, so it was really a no-brainer at the time. But I've always regretted not seeing the Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza (pictured above). I'd also like to see them at Teotihuacan, where they're supposed to be even grander.

5.San Miguel de Allende: I've always heard great things about the expat community in San Miguel de Allende, and I've always liked the photos I've seen of the town. I'd love to spend a month here, studying Spanish and Mexican cooking.

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6 Responses to Cinco de Mayo Edition: Top 5 Places I Want to Visit in Mexico

  1. Jen Laceda May 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    Aww, you should have picked Chichen Itza! We climbed to the top of the main pyramid (almost vertical going up! scary!), but I heard they don’t allow that anymore because it ruins (ha! how ironic!) the temples! We MAY be going to Mexico City, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende end of August! I cross my fingers…!!

  2. jessiev
    Twitter: WanderingEds
    May 5, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    i’d love to visit just about anywhere in mexico! TO DO!!

  3. Nancie (Ladyexpat)
    Twitter: ladyexpat
    May 6, 2010 at 2:16 am #

    I’ve been to Chichen itza, and loved it. Although, when I remember that I climbed it I wonder how. I am scared silly of heights!
    Great list, and I can see my self visiting all of these places too.

  4. Emily @ Maiden Voyage May 6, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    This is a great list! As someone who lives in Texas, I’ve been many times, but mostly to the touristy places like Cozumel. I’ve also been to the really poor border areas a few times (on service trips to help build houses for people without real shelter). One time I did get to do something different, and it was by far my best Mexico experience. We went to a Club Med in Huatulco, and it was stunningly beautiful. We went on a small group excursion to a coffee plantation quite a ways away (in a pretty rural area), and it was run by a small family. We got to tour the plantation, and then the family served us a traditional Mexican meal and fresh-made hibiscus tea. It was really small and personal, and I felt like it gave me a glimpse into the real Mexico.

  5. RennyBA's Terella May 6, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    Great, readable and informative post – I wanna go there too… one day :-)

  6. Levinson & Axelrod May 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    These places look like great travel destinations. Thanks for the list.

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