Down to the Final Four: March Madness Bracket for Top Travel Spots

Even though it’s already April, there’s March Madness mania — especially in my house as my husband loves college basketball. While I enjoy watching the Olympics and the US Open, I’m not much of a sports gal. So I decided to do a March Madness bracket for my favorite travel destinations. It’s Europe vs. North and Central America — and it’s down to the Final Four!

So, I chose 32 of my favorite travel destinations in Europe and North and Central America. (It was quite difficult to narrow it down to just 32, but I couldn’t find a good program that would do 64 like March Madness.) Then I went to bracket-maker, entered in my “teams” and it shuffled them and put them into a bracket.

Then came an even harder part: choosing winners, which I did through very unscientific methods. There were some tough choices in round 1, like Monaco vs. Las Vegas and Key West vs. Washington, D.C. And then there were some easy ones, like Santorini vs. Chicago and New York City vs. Los Angeles (easy at least for a diehard New Yorker). Like all games, the outcome could have gone many different ways on different days. But I am happy with my Final Four: Santorini vs. Costa Rica and London vs. Rome.

You can see the bracket below and you can also see it at Then, please vote for the winner in the poll below the bracket!

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