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SNL’s Travel Expert Judy Grimes Takes On the Volcano

If I wanted to understand why the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is still interrupting air travel, I probably wouldn’t ask Judy Grimes, the hilarious travel expert played by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live. But if I wanted to learn how to speak very quickly without ever taking a breath with plenty of “just kidding” sprinkled in, […]

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My Top Five iPhone Apps for Travel

It's hard for me to believe that I didn't have an iPhone until this past November. (I was a Blackberry gal for two years before that.) Now I'm one of those annoying iPhone evangelists — always showing it off, trying to convince people to get one and insisting that you adapt to the touchscreen keyboard […]

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Exploring Milan, Lake Maggiore and Pizza Topped With French Fries

(photos by Jill Martin Wrenn) When I was planning my trip to Italy, I ended up leaving Milan and the Lake District off my itinerary. So I couldn’t wait to hear all about it from today’s guest blogger, Jill Martin Wrenn (whom you might remember from her previous guest blogs posts about The Georgia Aquarium […]

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Miss the Winter Olympics? Just a Little? Take a Tour of the Utah Olympic Park

Remember when the Winter Olympics was going on and it was all anyone was talking about? You know, Lindsay Vonn, figure skating, USA vs. Canada hockey, the mystery of curling and all that. But once all of the medals have been collected and the closing ceremonies, everyone seems to forget all about the Winter Olympics […]

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Ghost Stories: Rufford Abbey Is One of England’s Most Haunted Places

England has lots of haunted places — whenever you're getting a tour of an old building, just ask if there have been any ghost sightings. You'll almost always get to hear about some spooky tale. When I asked that of Parks Development Officer Linda Hardy the beautifully crumbling Rufford Abbey, a Cistercian monastery turned country […]

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