Following in the Footsteps of Robin Hood on the Archery Range


Robin Hood was a master of archery — that's how he survived the Crusades, attacked the Sheriff's men and put food on the table. So after following in Robin Hood's footsteps by visiting Nottingham Castle, City of Caves and the Major Oak, we decided to go practice our archery skills at the Adrenalin Jungle in Nottingham. It was my first time doing archery since summer camp, and it was really fun!


The Andrenalin Jungle is actually within the original Sherwood Forest, as the once 10,000-acre forest has been divied up into different parcels. So, it's really an ideal place to practice with a bow and arrow. We started our archery experience with a modern bow, but then we moved onto the long bow, which is more similar to what Robin Hood would have used. Pictured left is our helpful instructor demonstrating the proper technique.

The Andrenalin Jungle is used to first- or second-timers for archery, and it would be a fun activities for families taking a Robin Hood-themed vacation as the minimum age is 6. A favorite of stag or hen dos (that's Brit-speak for bachelor and bachelorette parties), the activities center most popular option is paintball. There are lots of other activities available, including "Blindfold Driving." Yes, that's right, you drive a 4X4 blindfolded while someone else gives you directions. I'm very glad that wasn't on the itinerary!

Comped but never compromised: I am on a complimentary press trip with Visit Britain, but I am free to write whatever I like.

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