Off to Nottingham, the Land of Robin Hood

I'm at JFK, waiting to board my flight to Heathrow and then a minivan to Nottingham, England! I'm going to spend five days following in Robin Hood's footsteps, in the honor of the new Robin Hood movie that hits theaters on May 14th. On the itinerary is Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and Galleries of Justice Museum, which exhibits the underground dungeon where Robin Hood was imprisoned.

In preparation for the trip, I watched the 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie, which has Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. I'm looking forward to the machismo that Russell Crowe will bring to the role, as well as a romance between him and Cate Blanchett, who will play Maid Marian. I thought that Alan Rickman (or as he's better known to me, Prof. Severus Snape of Hogwarts) did a great job in the '91 film as the Sheriff of Nottingham — Matthew Macfadyen has some seriously evil shoes to fill.

By the way, the upcoming Robin Hood, billed as "The Untold Story of How the Man
Became the Legend," is not merely a remake of the one from 20 years earlier. This film will include Robin Hood in King Richard's army against the French. Also, it seems that we'll have a much more skeptical Maid Marian. I haven't seen it yet, just read the synopsis. There also doesn't seem to be a Moorish wingman for Robin Hood, whom Morgan Freeman played in Price of Thieves. But as the story of Robin Hood is essentially a series of legends, it's fitting that there are many different versions.

I also watched the Disney version of Robin Hood in preparation for my
trip. The animated film really underscored what a loser King John was,
depicting him as a foolish, greedy thumb-sucking lion with a bitter snake for
an advisor.

Despite having watched both movies, I'm certainly not pretending to be a Robin Hood expert. But after this trip, I have a feeling I will be… Or if not a true Robin Hood expert (after all, the University of Nottingham offers a Masters program in it), then at the very least I will be someone who is well informed!

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Comped but never compromised: I am going on a complimentary press trip from Visit Britain, but I am free to write whatever I like.

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  1. Jill March 21, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Can’t wait to read about it.

  2. Robin Hood May 25, 2010 at 3:13 am #

    Yeah I completely agree with you..THis is pretty good movie..I watched this movie last night and loved it..Thank you for reviewing..

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